I had a lot of thoughts about what my first post would be, and while you can expect a big long post about The Well Armed Woman/NRA training I received this past weekend, I figured I’d just jump right into my journey starting with my (horrible) experience today!

There is a range that my husband and I frequent, which, for the moment, will remain nameless. This range is the closest to us by about thirty minutes (if traffic is GOOD… if it’s slow at all, you can add another thirty min to an hour!), and they also teach concealed carry courses, as well as some NRA things. I figured this would be a good resource for me with questions about Virginia based certifications, right? Hahah… yeah, me too…

When I went in, it was with a smile and my head held high (as my confidence is generally better since returning, even though it’s only been a day or so says my husband) and walked right up to the only available employee who happened to be a young man. I told him that I was a newly certified NRA instructor and get this… HE LAUGHED! He made NO attempt to hide his amusement. It was at that moment that I lost him completely and I could have told him that I had gone to the moon and his reaction would’ve been the same. He didn’t listen to a single word I said after that.

He tried, kind of, and told me they weren’t hiring (as I’m sure the youngest employee on staff knows EVERYTHING about human resources there, of course), and when I reiterated to him that I did not, in fact, want a job there, I simply had certification related questions, he directed me to the office manager who directed me to the owner of the business who wasn’t there, despite my knowledge of said owner’s vehicle being parked in the lot.

I went home and found the email address of the owner and contacted him, asking the question in the most concise, clear way I could. I was still met with confusion and told that the NRA certification was sufficient but that there was “much more involved” to become an employee of this range, that they weren’t looking to hire, and that I would NOT be allowed to teach anything at their range if I was not an employee. I thanked him for his time and am moving on. This is the THIRD NRA instructor I’ve reached out to (all male) and have been met with the same type of reactions.

While I was warned that this would be difficult, I didn’t think that a range that hosts a chapter of The Well Armed Woman would be so discouraging to women! I wish I was in the financial position to build my own range, but alas, I am not. So more creative thinking is going to be needed, especially since not everyone is going to want to travel the hour+ it will take to get to the other range.

This is just a bump in the road, and I’ve survived too much to let this bring me down, though it is discouraging. I’m just going to have to be much more creative in this endeavor! Ideas are always welcome!

On the bright side, I was surprised when I finally found MY gun today! A Glock 19, 9mm. It’s fantastic! I didn’t think we were going to be able to purchase it so soon, but my husband surprised me and told me he was proud of me and that he had REALLY wanted me to be able to get this one today.

my glock

I can’t wait to order my holster from The Well Armed Woman, which, if any of you are looking for holsters (or anything gun related, honestly!), let me tell you– that is the place to get them! They have every kind of holster you can think of from on the waistband to purses!