After swearing up and down we’d never go to the ‘Man Cave’ range  again (not the actual name, just the one I’m using to refer to it!), we attempted to travel the extra 38 minutes to a different one, only to find out there was over an hour wait! This wouldn’t have been a problem had we not promised my mom (who was watching Supergirl, our daughter) we’d be back by a certain time. Knowing that wouldn’t work, and it would be over a month before she’d be back and able to watch her so we can go to the range, we bit the bullet (I promise I’m not TRYING to make these horrible puns) and went to the Man Cave Range.

While waiting to be checked in and all that good stuff, I noticed a woman who was visibly upset, headed to the bathroom. The male Man Cave employee was trying to sell her ear plugs and was clearly paying NO attention to the fact that she was distraught and trying to get to the bathroom. My heart went out to her, as I’ve shed many tears at the range over the last year, and I couldn’t help myself from following her into the bathroom to check on her. She was alright, just a little overwhelmed by everything going on in the range, and I shared a little with her, telling her I understood and offered some tips. I did agree that the ear plugs under the muffs would help lessen the sensory overload she was experiencing, and she got some and was much better off for the rest of their session. Her husband had taught her a little, but again, there’s nothing like a woman teaching another woman how to empower herself and helping her find her confidence.

This event just solidified the overwhelming NEED for women to reach out and help teach other women about firearm safety. My drive is stronger than ever, and I’m determined to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible! I have at least seven women (including the one I met today) interested in a class with me, and honestly, I cannot wait.